We reduce time to hire with enhanced results for hiring managers to meet engaged candidates


Quickly identify the common tasks of the position. Or if unfamiliar with the job tasks, send out a short survey to current employees already in the role.


Receive pre-screened profiles that are prioritized in your application tracking system whose interest and qualification match the role.


Virtually meet candidates by viewing their Facticiti Qualified Profile. This reveals their interests, experience, education and a short video.


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

- Einstein


Facticiti will define the competencies in the role and provide your recruiters probing questions to measure candidates against.


Time Saved with
Enhanced Results

Ideal matches are prioritized based on compatibility, interest, and competence.

No candidates are deselected. They are simply prioritized based on their resume and assessment results.

The recruiting process is simplified. Facticiti evaluates thousands of resumes against the Unique Position Profile and prioritize candidates so the most compatible rise to the top.


Why People Believe In Us

“The job matches are the coolest and most useful section. I thought the design of the website was easy, functional, and fresh.”

- Patrick

“Using Facticiti was not only fun but also informative. The unique display and easy-to-use interface helped me find what I enjoy doing for a career.”

- Margaret

“I think it’s great that they believe it’s all about what you are interested in and not only focused on what you are good at.”

- Jacob

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