Let your passion guide direction

Facticiti is a solution for young adults with the desire to discover their passions and explore opportunities.

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Facticiti First
When the first impression is essential

Take this quick, free first impressions assessment
and learn how to put your best foot forward with
professional advice on important topics such as:

  • college admission interviews
  • living with roommates
  • internship & job interviews
all for free!
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Facticiti Fire
When career decisions are crucial

Take this in-depth, affordable assessment and
make sure your passion leads you down the right
career path with professional advice and career
tools based on your individual results, including:

  • finding the right career path
  • thinking and culture styles
  • avoiding expensive mistakes
  • current career trends
  • real-time job matches
all for free!
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Our Purpose
At Facticiti, it’s about helping 100 million people to get excited
about going to work every day.

When faced with the life-altering questions of career choices, are you confused, anxious and overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. At Facticiti, we are also anxious because we know you are making career decisions today that you may eventually regret.

How do we know this? Because our founding team has years of experience from their careers as a Head Hunter, Corporate Shrink , Math Whiz, and Tech Wonk. We have seen the pain of poor career choices and now have a solution that will help you avoid costly mistakes and bring clarity to your choices. Our solution is a web-based assessment that matches interests to job requirements. Then we scour the internet for job openings that are a match and share those opportunities with you.

After participating in our process, you will have a list of activities that you would enjoy at work, a list of job titles where those activities are common, and a list of job matches that are available right now. As a bonus, we give you three more important insights and tools:

  • We measure your thinking style and provide advice on how to organize your career choices based on it.
  • We provide keywords that will help you in your job search if you don't see something you like on our site.
  • We identify the workplace culture that will make you happiest and give a few tips on assessing company culture during your interview.

All of this information is clearly presented in a dashboard that will help you manage your career for the rest of your lives.

Why Facticiti?
We help you to find, and follow, your passion.

Our founding member, Danny Gonzalez, an executive recruiter, spent 20 years listening to people talk about their career regrets. He resolved to make sure that no one who works with us regrets their career choices.


We remember when we knew of only a few options and were not passionate about any of them. We've made bad choices and wasted time not doing what we love. We've guided people into great careers they never knew existed. We know what success looks like.


We applied all the science and wisdom we could find to make sure Facticiti achieves its mission. We did this by creating an assessment and integrating it with career research from sources, such as O-net. We then wrote algorithms to create the best person-job fit.


We looked at over 1000 jobs and identified the keywords needed to locate those jobs. We identified the primary activities required for each opportunity and built our assessment around those activities. We have no problem sharing our homework with you as one of our members.

Your career is our passion
Let our platform drive potential jobs to you. No more searching blindly for jobs; Facticiti does it for you.