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An Easy, Seamless, Efficient and Effective recruiting solution for your next entry level hire

We automate the screening process on the thousands of entry level resumes companies receive.

Our streamlined evaluation system will prioritize and organize candidates based on the necessary skills required for the position.

Once candidates complete their enriched profile of assessment, resume and video upload, Facticiti seamlessly ties their data to a company’s Applicant Tracking System.

Through our innovative process, we will provide recruiters with definitions on specific skills and draft probing question to learn more about your next future hire.

Companies and Candidates are aligned based on compatibility, interest and competence.

How we can help you

Our Purpose

At Facticiti, it is about helping 100 million people be excited about going to work for thousands
of employers who are happy to see them come through the door.



Early stage candidates are overwhelmed with information about career opportunities, but don't have the relationships to facilitate finding their place in the workforce

Illustration SOLUTION

We'll introduce you to jobs you enjoy and prioritize your profile to potential employers



Companies are wasting time and money on sifting through thousands of resumes without a return on investment

Illustration SOLUTION

We'll prioritize and pre-screen based on best fit without deselecting candidate profiles.

Time Saved with
Enhanced Results

Ideal matches are prioritized based on compatibility, interest, and competence.

No candidates are deselected. They are simply prioritized based on their resume and assessment results.

The recruiting process is simplified. Facticiti evaluates thousands of resumes against the Unique Position Profile and prioritize candidates so the most compatible rise to the top.


Why People Believe In Us

“The job matches are the coolest and most useful section. I thought the design of the website was easy, functional, and fresh.”

- Patrick

“Using Facticiti was not only fun but also informative. The unique display and easy-to-use interface helped me find what I enjoy doing for a career.”

- Margaret

“I think it’s great that they believe it’s all about what you are interested in and not only focused on what you are good at.”

- Jacob

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