The Founders of Facticiti have a combined 40 plus years of experience
in career services and corporate psychology. Our combined efforts
have created a unique partnership.


Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez is the Co-Founder of Facticiti, LLC. He is inspired to help people live out their passions through their careers and avoid wasting time in jobs they do not enjoy. Over ten years ago, Danny dreamed of a web-based platform that assessed what people enjoy and locate these jobs in the market for them. Today, he is living this dream through Facticiti.

Danny is the Founder and CEO of PeopleVault, Inc., an executive search firm servicing the financial services marketplace. Danny spent 20+ years in executive recruiting with a mission to create careers not jobs. To learn more about Danny, visit his LinkedIn page.

Dave Popple PhD

Dave Popple PhD is the Co-Founder of Facticiti. He is inspired by the opportunity to help people live out their potential and believes that an accurate assessment can be the the first step to making that happen. For ten years he has been creating innovative assessments and believes the Facticiti Assessment is the most interesting one yet.

Dave also owns a management consulting firm called Psynet Group that has provided experiences with small and large companies as well as almost every industry. In addition to his work as a corporate consultant, his resume includes a reality TV show producer, college professor, clinical and forensic psychologist, community organizer, leadership trainer, church youth worker, camp counselor, pizza delivery, and fast food cook. Like most Facticiti members, he has followed a lot of passions. To learn more about Dave, visit his LinkedIn page.


Time Saved with
Enhanced Results

Ideal matches are prioritized based on compatibility, interest, and competence.

No candidates are deselected. They are simply prioritized based on their resume and assessment results.

The recruiting process is simplified. Facticiti evaluates thousands of resumes against the Unique Position Profile and prioritize candidates so the most compatible rise to the top.


Why People Believe In Us

“The job matches are the coolest and most useful section. I thought the design of the website was easy, functional, and fresh.”

- Patrick

“Using Facticiti was not only fun but also informative. The unique display and easy-to-use interface helped me find what I enjoy doing for a career.”

- Margaret

“I think it’s great that they believe it’s all about what you are interested in and not only focused on what you are good at.”

- Jacob

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