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Graduating College - what is next?

Have you recently graduated or will be graduating within the next six months? I am sure your parents have asked you a few times, what is next? This is a dilemma facing more then 50% of graduates coming out of college. The graduates of 2015 and 2016 have grown up with the internet, therefore accessing information is a click away for them. So why is it so difficult for college graduates to figure out what is next for them. To examine this question we have to first take a step back and look at the generation before the millennials. Generation X grew up with then notion the best professions were either a Doctor, Lawyer, Policeman/fireman, or a Teacher. Therefore the market was very simple to navigate and if you didn't fall into one of these professions you were either building technology (starting to take shape), construction or selling something. Fast forward to 2015 and the market is much more advanced, information is readily accessible, more entrepreneurs are born, sophistication of technology and new markets/jobs are being created (Sustainability, Social Media, App Developers and Market Research Data Miner).

It is very clear the market is so overwhelming and with the addition of almost 300,000 new jobs being created in 2015 the market is even bigger. Since the market place is so big and parents of millennials can not advise their graduates since they never grew up with App Developing and Market Research Data Miner jobs; Graduates are left to FIO (figure it out) on their own. Which in turns causes anxiety, frustration and more then 50% of graduates not knowing what they want to do next after graduation. The best way for graduates to navigating this complex market is by: Assessing (current assessments), Identifying and Applying. These three simple steps can demystify today's complex job market and create exhilaration for graduating and having a direction to what is next.