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Challenge your College Career Counselor

After a recent visit to Marist College, my alma mater, we found many students near graduation who are at level 1 on the Career Decision Pyramid. Despite four years of college and $160K plus invested, they are still at the level of self exploration.. The question remains, how do we get our graduating seniors to a level 3 at the minimum and ideally to a level 4 or 5? Today, students turn towards their own intellectual curiosity and explore career options with no real true guidance. After spending countless hours searching for potential career opportunities and becoming more frustrated because a text comes in from Mom or Dad and says, "what are your plans after college?" Commonly,the next step students might take is meeting with their college career advisor.We recently reached out to about 250 career services departments in the Northeast by emailing information on Facticiti, a new technology for students to Assess – Discover - Apply. However, we were highly discouraged with the lack of response and/or inquiry into this latest technology. Facticiti is the first of its kind, transforming assessments that have not changed in over 25 years. Facticiti provides results that students can identify with - exploring their "likes" are and “dislikes,” culture/thinking style and job matches. We feel in today’s world, career services are still using outdated techniques such as assessments (MBTI and Strong/Holland). Therefore, kids are receiving letters to tell them what they should be exploring. How do these letters translate to a career? We asked students at Marist if they’ve ever taken these assessments and only a few could recall the letters but did not know how to apply them to a career. Additionally, career services are relying on companies who come to the university/college to represent what the market offer and lastly trying to navigate job boards. Results can be deceiving because the output is only as good as the information provided because If you don't know what you’re searching for you will never leave level 1 of the Career Decision Pyramid.

As part of our visit to Marist College, we had all the students take the Facticiti assessment .The overwhelming response was: "wow, that is exactly me" , "I can discuss the five likes in my interview" and "I can potentially click on the job titles and apply right from the dashboard?" We are not being naïve to say that all the job matches were perfect fits. However,, an $800MM revenue company has excelled by matching to one person and discarding the 30 other people members viewed. Our matching capabilities will get better over time, but Facticiti is providing them options that they never knew existed. If Career Services do not evolve and become curious about what different technologies are in the market they are failing at their job and affecting students from moving to a level 4 or 5.